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I’ve always said that we have to be thoughtful, prayerful and wise when choosing worship music.  For centuries, Artist-Theologians in the church have produced psalms, hymns and spiritual songs that attempt to teach theology, edify believers, witness to skeptics and lift praises, prayers and petitions to God.  I believe many songwriters of our day are attempting to do the same, and there is a strengthening movement to incorporate ancient language and ideas in our worship again.  Hallelujah!  I have long contended that our worship services need to be guided solely by truth and the unchanging characteristics of God rather than our petty, fleeting whims of taste.

Of course, songs today don’t sound like songs from the Apostle Paul’s day, or even from a mere 50 years ago.  The music has changed – musical styles have morphed and transitioned through the millennia.  The lyrics have changed – our collective understanding of the Scriptures has deepened as God continues to reveal Himself to humanity.

The fun (?) tension for a worship pastor is to sift through all the available music, applying these filters:

–Is this song any good musically?

–Is this song accurate in its theology?

–Will this song edify our congregation?

–Will this song bring honor to God?

I have and will always contend that there are MANY, MANY songs that do not meet these criteria and are therefore unfit for corporate worship.  And that statement applies to today’s music AND music from the past century AND music from any point in history.  But that’s probably another blog post…

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