Adopt a College Student

What is the purpose?

This fall we are starting a program where we will pair college students with WRBC families. This is a great opportunity for families to love and disciple college-aged students and give them an even better sense of belonging to our church through simple interactions such as Sunday lunches, sending them text messages, or occasionally offering your home as a quiet place to study or do laundry. This ministry will not only impact students but you and your family as well in seeing God working through you to make a Godly, valuable difference in their lives.

How much do I have to do? How much will this cost me?

Connection is key. Keeping in contact with the student and doing something with them every once in a while lets them know that someone loves them and they are a vital part of our church and community. You may feel you are lacking in resources, but this is not a problem. Here are some ideas that students love…

  • Take them out to lunch every once in a while
  • Invite them over to cook a meal together
  • Go to a sporting event (even your child’s)
  • Send them text messages
  • Send them mail and care packages during finals week
  • Invite them to help you in your ministries
  • Offer your home as a quiet place for homework or laundry
  • Take them fishing or golfing
  • Invite them on a family outing
  • Invite them over to watch a movie or play games


  • We ask that there is some kind of interaction with your students at least twice a month.
  • We are going to pair each family with at least 2 students. This will help in everyone feeling comfortable from the beginning. You will have the option on the sign up form to request between 2 and 4 students.
  • This is a commitment for the whole school year – August to May. (Although, we are fairly confident that you’ll want to continue the relationship long after the school year ends)
  • We will do regular follow-up with both families and students to check in and make sure everything is going great.

International Students

We do have some international students that will be a part of this program. Please note that this may require a little more effort on your part such as some transportation needs. Also, opening your home to internationals for holidays would be a HUGE blessing to them. There is a place on the sign up form to check whether or not you could take international students. Families won’t be matched with international students until September or October.

Dates to Remember:

Sunday, August 7 – Registration deadline
Sunday, August 21 – Match Day! Plan to take your students to lunch after church on this day.

Click the appropriate link below to sign up!

Family Sign up Form                    Student Sign up Form