Posted by RonMcGee

If you attend the 10:45 Modern Worship Service, you have noticed a change in our order of worship.  In this post, I’ll explain several reasons for the change, which will hopefully help us all worship the Lord better.

In the past, our service order looked something like this:

Opening Song
Welcome & Greeting Time
More Songs
Altar Call
Offering & Announcements

Not much wrong with that, but we felt we could do better.  Our new order of worship looks more like this:



As a staff, we discussed this new idea at length before determining to give it a try.

The main things we hoped to accomplish were:

  • Remove distractions from worship
  • Help people connect more fully with God
  • Give the Holy Spirit freedom to work in our hearts
  • Give people space to invite God to do His good work
  • Give us all time to absorb, meditate, and respond to God’s Word after the sermon
  • Allow a focused time for each of us to respond appropriately to the individual message God gives us when He is revealed through Scripture
  • Ensure that every element of every service is focused, purposeful, and intentionally included to maximize its impact

In Scripture, we see many examples of people responding to God after He is revealed to them.  In Isaiah 6, the prophet encounters God, who reveals his sin. Isaiah responds by acknowledging his unclean condition, receives forgiveness and purification, and ultimately answers God’s call with an obedient, “Here am I; send me.”

In the Gospels we read the account of Mary, the mother of Jesus, who is visited by an angel of God.  Her response is a song of worship to the Lord, as well as a pledge of obedience.

In Nehemiah 8, after the long-lost words of Scripture were read aloud to the assembled nation of Israel (for over 4 hours straight!), the people responded with repentance, praise to God, and changes in their lifestyles because of His revealed holiness.

In our own lives we can probably point to a time when God’s Word was read, His Spirit was made known, and we were compelled to respond in humility, worship, and obedience.  That’s exactly the kind of space we want to create in every worship service at WRBC.  In fact, the Worship Ministries at WRBC exist in order to help people connect with God and with each other, and to realize the value of living a life that praises Jesus.

Clearly, worship isn’t just an event that happens for about an hour on Sunday; it is a lifestyle that Christ-followers are to practice every day!

May the Holy Spirit guide us as we worship God the Father and Jesus Christ, His Son, our Savior.