Worship Center Renovation

UPDATE: We’re About to Begin!

Our renovation process will start on March 7, so our last Sunday Worship Service in the Sanctuary will be March 6.

A: YOU CAN HELP! ~~~CLICK HERE to volunteer!~~~
After service on March 6, we will have a brief organizational meeting with a large crew of volunteers (over lunch!) and then get to it. Many items need to be put in storage, plus a lot of equipment needs to be moved out of the Sanctuary to make room for demolition and renovation. Some things are heavy or bulky, but many are not, so this will be a project that older children through senior adults can take on.

A: Beginning March 13, we will celebrate our weekly 10:30 Worship Service in the Youth Building on the Southwest corner of our campus. If we exceed the capacity of that room, we will make overflow spaces available.

For several years, our congregation has desired to renovate our Worship Center. In 2021, we were given the funds to do so, and we praise God for His faithfulness to us!

The WRBC Pastors met and prayed for months to discern the best strategy for accomplishing the task, and the church voted to move forward. Consulting with Architectural and Audio-Visual firms, we have a plan for the material and aesthetic changes that need to be made.

We plan to begin the renovation process early in January of 2022, and our projected move-in date is Easter Sunday. This page will be updated regularly as new information becomes available.

Our Goals:

  1. Improve seating capacity and flexibility
  2. Improve and update lighting
  3. Improve audio system
  4. Improve video system
  5. Update paint on walls and ceilings
  6. Update flooring materials
  7. Flexible baptistery location
  8. Improve Worship Center corridors and lobby

How We Plan to Accomplish Our Goals:

  1. Remove current pews and install chairs; reconfigure floor plan to allow more seating area.
  2. Replace room fixtures with updated LED lighting fixtures.
  3. Replace speakers and amplifiers; replace audio mixers.
  4. Add (2) additional screens with new laser projectors; switch to smaller-format PTZ cameras for online video; additional stage lighting for video.
  5. New paint, with updated color palette.
  6. New carpeting to match the updated color palette used in the Great Hall.
  7. Portable baptistery will be on the floor level, close to the congregation.
  8. New paint, flooring, and fixtures will update the look and feel of these areas.


Q: Where will we hold Sunday services during the construction phase?
A: We will meet in our Youth Building. If overflow seating is needed, additional areas will be made available.

Q: Why the switch to chairs instead of pews?
A: Refurbishing our pews would be MUCH more costly.
Utilizing chairs instead of pews will allow us to provide a greater number of available seats.
Chairs also allow more options for the room’s configuration, offering us the flexibility to use the space for other types of events and making it much easier to get around the space for A/V repairs or adjustments in the future.

Q: Will we lose the upper stage acting areas for our Drama Ministry?
A: No. The new video screens will be motorized so we can still use our upper stages.

Some of Our Inspiration:

Sample Baptisteries: