Posted by RonMcGee


I am so excited about our retreat this Friday night!  If you or a member of your family is part of any facet of the Worship Ministries @ WRBC, please, please, PLEASE make it a point to attend.  We will enjoy 2.5 hours of worship, creativity, encouragement, planning and FOOD…  Who wouldn’t want to be around for all that?!!?

2012 was a fantastic year, and we have much to celebrate.  2013 holds the potential to be the best year ever!  God has great things in store for us to experience.  I believe He is planning many, many opportunities for each of us to serve Him by serving the Church and the world.

Our schedule will look something like this:
Dinner = Baked potato bar (go Sandi G!!)
Worship – music, Scripture & prayer
Celebrate 2012
Why Do We Do What We Do?
Vision for 2013
Dodgeball After-Party

Please be in prayer as we kick the new year off right.  Ask God where He wants you serving, expect an answer, and plan to obey!